An alternative perspective.

Further questioning preconceived limitations with lack of Digital devices…What if the perspective is the problem and not the number of devices issue? 


What if I’m questioning the wrong element?

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I have been somewhat absent on TeachingLearningConnect in the past week, I have been busy planning thinking, eating, planning and thinking some more.  Since my last unpacking of the first of my many questions I aim to tackle this term, I have outlined some ideas, possibilities and plans I have for my classroom based upon the ‘limited devices’ and ‘How to?’ question I have posed and devised a few points to help answer this question.

The question at hand is: Continue reading

ICT Inclusion- What will it look like in term 3.

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With my ramblings at the end of term2 and the realisation that I have been incredibly slack this year, when documenting my journey through the sometimes minefields of teaching. I have decided to be proactive and blog, document and report my practise on weekly basis. I understand this can be a task in itself, yet a challenge I am willing to rise too. Continue reading