The Transition.

Hello bloggers out there, far and wide,

I feel I need to make a confession. It’s been more than six months since my last post and I am ashamed.  The school year of 2014 is half way through it’s rotation and I have yet to post one measly little word on this blog…until NOW! Continue reading

Food chain, lifecycle- birth to obsolete.

Hello all,

Here I am again with yet another riveting entry I am sure. Slugging away in the classroom, learning, teaching and generally having a blast.

Today’s science topic was the Food Chain/Food Web. As my students created their own food web taking on the persona of an animal and situating themselves in a web of what eats what, I got thinking about student learning and the future of their learning being much like a lifecycle or a food web. Continue reading

Age old debate…..


After what seemed like one very, very long day, my mind is still ticking over at 11:20pm about the day that was and the ones ahead. Debates, we had today, over a range of topics, not just the debates delivered by the students of 6Rebecca today but the debates of the mind and weighing up the future of my personal teaching and learning practice. Continue reading

How to incorporate, collaborate and innovate?


Today, was an interesting day. There was a mixed feeling of success and conundrum. The reality of my goal to ultimately ‘Flip’ my classroom into the 21st century and incorporate and innovate how I utilise technology in my teaching and learning practices has come full circle and ‘SMASH’ goes my confidence. While, I know it will be re-stored quickly, I just know it (the ‘flip’) is going to be a big job on my and my students part as they are very much apart of the ‘flip’ process. Their needs ultimately guide my desire to utilise different apps, programs and technologies. Continue reading

First Step into future…


My name is Rebecca. I am a teacher at Manor Lakes P-12 College. After having recently undertaken Professional Development at NMIT called Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century that focused on using and utilising technology on a more ongoing, consistent and continuous basis in the classroom. I have had ideas, epiphanies, aspirations, inspiration and a dream to step into the future and innovate what I already am doing in the classroom to enhance engagement, learning and my teaching skills by ‘Flipping’ my classroom. Continue reading