An alternative perspective.

Further questioning preconceived limitations with lack of Digital devices…What if the perspective is the problem and not the number of devices issue? 


What if I’m questioning the wrong element?

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I have been somewhat absent on TeachingLearningConnect in the past week, I have been busy planning thinking, eating, planning and thinking some more.  Since my last unpacking of the first of my many questions I aim to tackle this term, I have outlined some ideas, possibilities and plans I have for my classroom based upon the ‘limited devices’ and ‘How to?’ question I have posed and devised a few points to help answer this question.

The question at hand is: Continue reading

Behind the News.

Just an update on what is happening today.

Today students are practicing their notes taking skills.


Simply watching Behind the News #BtN each Tuesday has informed students of world events, outside their local community which is where most of the knowledge of the world rests. Continue reading

Flying Books.



The art of book flying through the air at the speed of light fuelled by liquid dinosaurs.  No, only kidding.

After much thought and building exciting, I have decided to hash out some details ascertaining to the idea of ‘flying books’.

Idea: to send between 3-5 minutes of a story (digitally) or a 3-5 page chapter of a (print) narrative from one school to another, with an online tracking base to document planning, drafting and publishing processes.  Continue reading

Global Collaboration to boost Student Knowledge of ICT.

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Here I am again with yet another insightful blog about my ideas, thoughts, practices, lessons etc. all relating to the topic of yes, you named it TEACHING.

I will soon be launching my Googledrive classroom with the students and tomorrow we will run through what it will look like to create a ‘stop motion’ film. I have thought ahead yet again. Something I would like to do in the classroom is have online collaboration with a students from around the world.

‘Flying books’. Continue reading

The Transition.

Hello bloggers out there, far and wide,

I feel I need to make a confession. It’s been more than six months since my last post and I am ashamed.  The school year of 2014 is half way through it’s rotation and I have yet to post one measly little word on this blog…until NOW! Continue reading

Food chain, lifecycle- birth to obsolete.

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Here I am again with yet another riveting entry I am sure. Slugging away in the classroom, learning, teaching and generally having a blast.

Today’s science topic was the Food Chain/Food Web. As my students created their own food web taking on the persona of an animal and situating themselves in a web of what eats what, I got thinking about student learning and the future of their learning being much like a lifecycle or a food web. Continue reading