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My name is Rebecca Meilak, I am no one special, or out of the ordinary. I am not famous or infamous. I am neither remarkable nor extraordinary. I am simply a teacher from the western suburbs of Melbourne in Victoria (Australia for the out-of-towners) attempting to navigate through the winding roads of teaching in the 21st century.

Having taught multiple year levels during my teaching career, I have gained; knowledge, understandings, experience, friendships, challenges, resilience, respect, trust, confidence and patience. My interest in teaching spans from my vision of my mother (who is also an educator) pottering around her room with her pupils eagerly watching, laughing and exploring wide eyed at my Mothers instructions, praise, stern glances and patience. A vision, a view, a perspective that lingers in my mind each day. My Mum, helping, assisting, ensuring, securing, teaching, learning, supporting, praising, encouraging children to reach out and grasp what is in reach and happily and safely learn while doing so. She is my inspiration and I always knew deep down inside that teaching irregardless of careers, casual jobs and training, prior to beginning my teaching career that without doubt teaching would be my purpose in life (or at least for the first ten to fifteen years-we are all constant learner after all).

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Teaching LearningConnect with me.

I am an energetic person, which I feel is displayed in my classroom with my students. I strive to help, assist, support and encourage students to set their own learning goals, reach for the stars and reflect for future alterations or simply reflect on their achievements. My practice stems from what feels like an innate drive to educate children in a way I feel I missed out upon. Granted, I attended schools with teachers whom I looked up too, worked to gain praise from and admired. I wanted to create an environment in my class and through my teaching to listen to my students, make them feel counted, help provide and establish a sense of belonging and comfort to grow as an individual. All while providing academic engagement with an endgame of finding their place in the weird and wacky world.

After completing my studies at Victoria University (which didn’t initially began with an intent to enter the field of education) I feel I have hit the ground running. Granted, I feel my well-oiled machine did stall a few times and need a few services along the way, if viewed as a learning experience such hurdles don’t seem so large, tedious or eventful.

Please follow my journey as I navigate my way through the challenges (good and bad) of teaching and the education system of the 21st century.

Thank you and happy blogging 🙂

Keep smiling. Tomorrow is another day.


  1. Hi Rebecca,

    Nice to have you following my Australian Teacher blog.

    This blog of yours is excellent!

    I think you must be a very dedicated and much admired teacher.

    Best wishes,

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