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In a scene of the Tv series Blackadder Goes Forth starring the very talented Hugh Laurie…You know Hugh Laurie the famous English born actor well known for this role as Lieutenant George?

Am I showing my age again? Okay, okay… Hugh Laurie- Better known for his portrayal of Dr. Gregory House in the Tv Series House? Is that better? No? Well, I’m not sure how to help you here. How about a photo!

This handsome devil.

As the line goes from Blackadder Goes Forth:

Lieutenant George I don’t like blowing my own trumpet.

Captain Blackadder You might at least told us you had a trumpet.

~of when George is asked why he didn’t reveal his ability at painting before. 

– Excerpt from IMDB.com

There are a great deal of trumpets I didn’t know I had up my sleeve.

What does she mean you ask?

Well, you see this blog has been stagnant for a great deal of time, years to be precise, as has Twitter and well anything else relating to teaching as I took time to develop my practise and extend my family by an extra member this time of the human kind.

I found myself teaching prep this year and although having taught across many year levels, this year proved I needed to rip out my trumpet of tricks I either had forgotten I had, Forgot to tell others I could do and basically begin the learning process again.

A year off (well, almost a year) can be a long time in the education system with newly developed curriculums, PPD instead and PnD etc.

Coming to the end of term 2 and finding my feet while running a marathon has been quite a feat. The direction of Teaching Learning Connect will change somewhat over the course of this year as I endeavour to post relevant ideas, strategies and toolkits to support education of students and professional development of teachers. Either using my own experiences or even sharing ideas of others (with permission of course).

However, the concept behind blogging will be informative with a splash of me in there too.

  • Stay tuned for topics relating to:
  • Time management,
  • Data collection and upkeep,
  • assessment strategies
  • various toolkits on classroom behaviour and management.

To mention a few. If your have any areas you wish to gain more of an understanding, support or insight into please drop me a line in the comments below.

See you all soon.

Teaching Learning Connect.




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