Best laid plans…

Hello fellow bloggers,

So first, my guilty confession…as the saying goes ‘best laid plans…’ you know the rest. I have been one very lazy and very distracted blogger.

Award to Me!

Award to Me!

Yet, in saying that…I have been one very busy teacher. 

Year 1,

Teaching year 1 this year has been to say the least  and ‘eye-opener’, just how much effort teachers put into their classrooms and students was a slap in the face, with a brick, while riding an unicycle in an blizzard carrying delicate chandeliers.

Though, it is safe to say…I LOVE IT. Every minute every frustrating moment, every bumped head and small win. In my classroom, any win great or small is celebrated and any extra effort is applauded and commended.

In terms of my blog, well poor Teaching Learning Connect has not connected all to much with the world, fellow teachers or education professionals. Blogging success really can depend on the amount of time one has to put into the project. It can be very successful.

So, life I will endeavour to breathe into this poor neglected blog. Over the next few weeks, I will post ideas, behaviour management plan idea, reading groups ideas, math groups ideas and much much more.

After all we need to tick the boxes for the P n D process don’t we. 🙂

The Teaching Learning Connect Twitter account is still alive and active. A simple change in username:

@TeachLearnConnNew Username thingy!

Please jump on board. Professional reading is simply another piece in the professional life of a teacher.

Stay tuned and keep smiling.


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