Happy New Year!

Wishing the best of all wishes to all Teachers, Students, Parents, Educators out there.

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2015 began with much on our minds, the world seemed to have imploded slightly more that recent years over the last month. To fathom the impact world events have on students, even trying to gage their understanding of world events can be a tough conversation.

Remembering everyone is entitled to their own opinion and their own beliefs, values and perspectives-I feel is the beginning to help young people understand that people great and small, of all walks of life, tastes and distastes and from all over are different in their own right and respect and tolerance needs to be the foundation of our community and society that is ever changing and growing and rising and falling.

This is a lesson that is not learnt overnight or in one sitting but a active lesson that takes years and generations to consolidate and the meaning needs to be found individually. Instead of on a mass scale and bias has no place when teaching young people about the world they live in.

Respect differences, celebrate others.

Wishing everyone in the entire world a New Year filled with peace, love and learning.

Do what you love, love what you do, be yourself and remain you!

Keep Smiling



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