How many is too many?

When did teaching become about money, business and quantitative rather than qualitative teaching processes?

class size

Becoming a teacher had nothing to do with school holidays (although a welcomed perk), it is definitely not about the money (I’m not sure you would find any teacher that would happily admit to that), it’s not about business (however, some institutions will beg to differ- making money is the only way of life for them) for me it was because I wanted to make a difference and teaching was just a natural choice for me. Everything I did from work experience, to reading, to volunteering, to making connections professionally stemmed from my want to be someone who helped, did ‘good’, someone who is positive and forward thinking. Teaching was a fit for this drive I had. Added bonus, I loved working with students regardless of age.

However, recent events are proving hard for me to chew (or so to speak), I am hoping I am not alone.Is it me or are schools becoming more like businesses worrying about maximising profits and forgetting the clientele?

From class sizes to fees, have schools that once fostered learning and individual growth and learning of students lost sight? Lost track of what the original meaning is?

Class sizes for example; as the classes creep closer and closer to 30+ what is the benefit of the original foresight which built many of these school?

Is there a benefit other than the hip pocket?

Something to ponder…!!!!

What do you say?


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