‘We began with the ON button!’


As I tackle the questions I set for myself to discover this year, I am perplexed by the questions of  students knowledge of technology.

2. How extensive will the students understanding be of the technology?

We all have heard at one point in time someone say the following:

‘The younger generation know more about technology’

  1. Here is my conundrum; How did they learn more? Are they born with a manual? Or is it the presence of technology in their lives from birth that automatically make the younger generation simply learn by osmosis and become computer genius’?

Like everybody who is upon this Earth, children still need to learn the skill at hand, it is not automatic or innate. It could simply be they are more less fearful of the technology. However, my ‘generation’ and the generations before me have some excellent expertise in the industry of ICT etc. Does that mean they are advantaged or disadvantaged?

I thought this simply means we all need to learn the skill regardless of age, the difference is fear or need.

So, how do this remarkable generation learn ICT skills better than us older generations?

My answer is…they don’t. They are simply taught to be technology literate from a younger age and taught by some pretty awesome teachers (from the older generation).

My students use a great deal of technology in the classroom with limited devices mind you. My classroom is not part of the 1:1 program the rest of the school has (ehh what can ya do?) but these students learned the basics just like any other students young or old.

We simply began with the ‘ON’ Button.



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