Quizzical about Spelling.

Days of the good ol’ spelling quiz have all but eluded me. 

Key board

Are the days gone when spelling isn’t corrected by an automated tool embedded in the app/program you are typing your document on?

Spellcheck Fails:

Spell check

~Image from Google Images, 2/9/14.

Are we teaching the ‘Spellcheck’ generation?


The top spelling error was “accidentally”, followed by “practising”, “frantically” “definitely” and “believe”, it was revealed. Other misspellings included words such as “surprise”, “excitement”, “weird”, “doesn’t” and “minute”.

~Courtesy of the  Telegraph online Newspaper in the UK. 2/9/14.

With the increase of reliance on technology  growing more and more prevalent in recent years, are we setting our future generations up to fail?

As the world changes, people evolve, technology has evolved on what seems a much faster scale than I had ever anticipated. Are students of the Gen Z and alpha going to solely be using technology to communicate and will the art of writing and correct spelling fall into disarray ?

Should students be taught how to ‘Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check’? Use the dictionary to look up spelling and meaning of words! What about the good old teaching of phonetics and language/letter conventions?

Students in my classes throughout the years have been exposed to a wide range of different strategies  to improve their spelling. I have seen improvement across the board with persistent and consistent approaches to teaching letter sounds, blends and language conventions.

Should students be able to leave school with a wide accurately spelt vocabulary? 

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 11.16.30 am

My answer to this is a resounding YES! Technology is here to stay, that we know. However, when did we shut the door on the teachings of Spelling and allow technology to take over in the form of spell check?

Spell check does fail the speller on more occasions than one. Simply clicking the first word that pops up to just accepting that ‘Spellcheck’ is right when it come to homophones etc.

Surely teachers out there do feel the need to teach their students that their minds are the best ‘spellcheck’ they will ever have.

Spelling along with Handwriting needs to be taught, focused on, emphasised in everyday life. Or what will our future look like?

What do you do to help your students improve their spelling?


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