Flying Books.



The art of book flying through the air at the speed of light fuelled by liquid dinosaurs.  No, only kidding.

After much thought and building exciting, I have decided to hash out some details ascertaining to the idea of ‘flying books’.

Idea: to send between 3-5 minutes of a story (digitally) or a 3-5 page chapter of a (print) narrative from one school to another, with an online tracking base to document planning, drafting and publishing processes. 

Purpose: To enhance, literacy skills, include ICT in story writing processes, online and student collaboration.  With the added bonus of learning about the geographical location of the next and previous destination along with their culture, customs and lifestyle.

Guidelines: There will be set guidelines to follow for each medium (print, stop motion, film, animation, audio etc.) just to ensure the workload is evenly and fairly distributed across all participants.

School: Schools will be able to register their interest online and select a category, a year level even topics of interest their class has. School will then be provided lists they can be added too and go from there. Begin dates will also be shown. A blog will be attached to track progress from different schools etc.

Locally to global: The project is to begin locally and then hopefully expand as all the nuts and bolts are hashed and ironed out.

It would be great to see what people think of this idea ‘Flying Books’. I am in the process of writing the proposal, it would be great to get it up and running my the end of the year Globally!

Let’s see how it goes.

Keep smiling, tomorrow is another day.



  1. Hi Rebecca, you have a fantastic blog. I’m reading through your posts and am enjoying it. This post caught my eye because of the title “Flying Books”. Have you seen “The Fantastic Flying Books of Morris Lessmore”? It’s a short film and I love showing it to my students. I like your idea of collaboratively writing books and it would be great to have it start in Melbourne. Good luck with it.

    • Thanks for subscribing and your comment. I haven’t seen “The Fantastic Flying Books” I will look into that today. I have a passion for Literacy and my students enjoy writing and reading. “Flying Books” is something I hope to get off the ground early next year.

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