Global Collaboration to boost Student Knowledge of ICT.

Hello Bloggers,

Here I am again with yet another insightful blog about my ideas, thoughts, practices, lessons etc. all relating to the topic of yes, you named it TEACHING.

I will soon be launching my Googledrive classroom with the students and tomorrow we will run through what it will look like to create a ‘stop motion’ film. I have thought ahead yet again. Something I would like to do in the classroom is have online collaboration with a students from around the world.

‘Flying books’.

Perhaps each class from around the world could create a 2 minutes stop motion clip one after another that way they can collaboratively write a narrative together. It won’t necessarily need to be stop motion, it could be an animation, a audio story with a book that travels the globe as well.  This is a chain letter or a pen pal with a difference. Each time the book or clip etc. is sent on the the next destination, perhaps some little gifts from the school hosting the most recent edition of the clip, film, story could include some foods, pictures, books etc. from their country.

This would be a great way for students to experience cultures from all over the world, while building their reading, writing and ICT skills.

Let’s see how it goes.

Keep smiling, tomorrow is another day.


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