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Hello Bloggers,

With some help from a very insightful and helpful band of twitter followers and after watching a string of student created ‘stop motion’ films. I have decided to add a new idea and device to ICT integration into my classroom for the remainder of this year.

Again, as I have previously mentioned in past posts, I endeavour to tackle a series of questions. The question at hand at this stage, that has filled my thoughts lately is: 1. How could I include technology with limited devices in the classroom?

My first step was to implement the use of a Googledrive using the class set of Mac books. We have a limited number of devices. The Googledrive that is still being set up in the classroom and hopefully being utilised in the coming week for students to collaborate on their monthly class newspaper and other tasks.

When most teachers at school maintain ‘Free time Fridays’, my students delve into new unchartered territories, using technology or simply investigating something new. They are free to choose, create, design, develop, implement whatever they like during the last hour on a Friday.  In term 3, I have listened to the students, I have heard them, they have thrived during hands on activities and enjoy researching.  With my love of Science and the students interest in my science books, stories and their own experiments at home. We have chosen to add a ‘fun friday’ to 4Rebecca, this will be a ‘Science Friday’.

Drawing on the formation of the continents around the world lessons we have learnt about in class this week, student have asked if the movement of the tectonic plates could be demonstrated, and I also thought I would add on a volcanic eruption as a result of the earthquake and movement of the tectonic plate as a whole class ‘passion project’.

My thoughts are:

In groups students will begin with observing the tectonic plates demonstration and from there we will take a look into the eruption of a volcano etc. as I really just want to ‘blow something up’ (as I have been told many times when teaching science related content.

However, the ICT component is established in this task that will run over the next 4-5 weeks will be the use of an iPad and a Go-pro camera to create a stop motion clip that students will work to develop themselves with my coaching and support.

This is just the beginning and we are scrapping the surface, however it is a start  non-the-less and an exciting one at that. Let’s see how this goes. Thank you to the person who inspired and help light the spark under me to drive this ICT inclusion of ‘stop motion’  filming into my classroom, I am sure the students will enjoy it.

Let’s see how it goes.

Keep smiling, tomorrow is another day.


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