ICT Inclusion- What will it look like in term 3.

Hello Bloggers,

With my ramblings at the end of term2 and the realisation that I have been incredibly slack this year, when documenting my journey through the sometimes minefields of teaching. I have decided to be proactive and blog, document and report my practise on weekly basis. I understand this can be a task in itself, yet a challenge I am willing to rise too.

My first of many question in my previous ‘mind blowing’ blog post was;

1. How could I include technology with limited devices in the classroom?

Ground breaking, I know! Please note my sarcasm. I understand that this question is not profound nor revolutionary however, in my classroom this year, this question has much weight.  Yes, there are limited devices in the classroom for students to engage with at one time, however with my differentiated rotation groups throughout the subjects, lessons and classroom I feel this task will be one that is not a chore.

Using the Mac books students will engage in IXL, Lexile reading program, using word, Excel, PowerPoint and web searches as usual. However, I am installing a googleDrive App on each of the computers to to support the students understanding of not only content taught in class but vital knowledge and understanding of using the computer.

My class Google drive will enable students to save their work under their own name for future reference and enable students to work collaboratively on narratives, their Readers Theatre work and their Monthly class newspaper. When all intern makes it easier for me to have a look, collaborate, assist and support students with their learning with a click on the keyboard away and any suggestions could appear on the screen for students to use.

So over the next few days and the first day of term, I will be connecting students and my classroom with their own GoogleDrive that they can access whilst at school. This includes: 1. a list of their spelling words each week, 2. their reading lists, 3. the class newspaper, 4. their readers theatre work, 5. Differentiated tasks for different groups and students among other things.

Let’s see how it goes.

Keep smiling, tomorrow is another day.


  1. It’s interesting to hear your thought Rebecca. Your question “How could I include technology with limited devices in the classroom” is a question on many teachers’ minds. Google Drive sounds like a handy way to enable students to easily access their material using shared devices. I look forward to hearing how it goes.

    • Thanks John, yes a common question. However, one I need to look at. Previously, I was in 1:1 program with the years I was teaching. I had a semester long think about how I would use the change to advantage this year. I look forward to the challenge. Stay tuned. Thanks you for the comment.

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