The Transition.

Hello bloggers out there, far and wide,

I feel I need to make a confession. It’s been more than six months since my last post and I am ashamed.  The school year of 2014 is half way through it’s rotation and I have yet to post one measly little word on this blog…until NOW!

Leaving 2013 behind me, with all I had learned, conquered, triumphed and pained over. My new perspective and the opportunity bestowed on me by a school that has seemingly listened to what I wish to experience in my teaching career. I was given a lovely grade 4 class. Something that was not my first choice on my preferences but a choice that was the best decision made on my behalf, I could not be more thankful to these people. I saw the positivity.

The first semester, has seen me enjoy teaching on a level I never have before. I enjoy waking up in the morning and rolling out of bed to drive to work, revise my plans for the day, correct student tasks and interact with students. I feel like I have landed on my feet once more. Something, only a few short years ago I had thought I would never feel yet find again.

A downfall was that the year level I am teaching this year is that I am currently not working in the iPad 1:1 program, but never fear, I’m a teacher and as adaptable as the next person these days. I dusted off some books and rose to the challenge.  While technology was a major focal point of my teaching and learning practice in the previous years, it has been incredibly refreshing to step into a new area, with new challenges and the ideas that dared to venture in my consciousness.

1. How could I include technology with limited devices in the classroom?

2. How extensive will the students understanding be of the technology?

3. How will I deliver quality learning practices to students of this age while incorporating technology?

4. How receptive will the new team of staff be to using technology in their planning, teaching and learning?

Some answers have been provided over the course of the 1st semester. Over the course of the next fews weeks I will endeavour to reflect on the semester that was via TeachingLearningConnect with a series of blogs, questions, queries and inquiries.

I will attempt to post evidence of my findings and conduct studies into the learning capacity of students and how the use of ICT in the classroom can be a determinant of such learning, a tool of such determinant and a determinant of my knowledge, understanding and building teaching practice and experience.

Let’s see what the future holds, shall we?

Keep smiling, as tomorrow is another day.





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