Food chain, lifecycle- birth to obsolete.

Hello all,

Here I am again with yet another riveting entry I am sure. Slugging away in the classroom, learning, teaching and generally having a blast.

Today’s science topic was the Food Chain/Food Web. As my students created their own food web taking on the persona of an animal and situating themselves in a web of what eats what, I got thinking about student learning and the future of their learning being much like a lifecycle or a food web.

As we all know our world is becoming more and more technologically advanced and our students today need to equipped and prepared for the future advancements they will no doubt encounter. The birth of learning, the chisel and stone, blackboard and chalk, pen to paper, whiteboard and whiteboard marker to finger and iPad or keyboard and laptop. Each have made something obsolete along the way.

However, is there still space for the old fashioned pen to paper? I believe so. As students abilities may be suffering due to highly technology based learning. Students still need to be able to write and write without the aid of spell check etc. When it comes to exams, students need to be able to articulate themselves with pen on paper.

Therefore, my thought remains, there needs to be a marriage of technology and pen and paper for improving students writing. However, this theory is usually used in the classroom with simple inquiry. Research using Google + writing  the research down = inquiry. I don’t feel this works.

The week, I will attempt to breach the gap in this thought. I will attempt to marry the use of my students iPads with their writing. Improving both writing skills and inquiry skills.

I have begun this in Science today. Students were engaged, using kinaesthetic learning- formed a human food chain taking on the persona of an animal/reptile etc. students also engaged in a game in regard to food web/chain and characterising animal types etc. Students will then write their understanding down for the day in their Science books in form of a reflection and develop further questions for inquiry to post on their Edmodo page.

I understand this maybe a very simple way to try to marry technology and writing however, it is only the first step into our future in 6Rebecca.

Keep Smiling. Tomorrow is another day.


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