Age old debate…..


After what seemed like one very, very long day, my mind is still ticking over at 11:20pm about the day that was and the ones ahead. Debates, we had today, over a range of topics, not just the debates delivered by the students of 6Rebecca today but the debates of the mind and weighing up the future of my personal teaching and learning practice.

Do not be alarmed, my departure of teaching is off in the distance. I am referring to the delivery of my teaching in the classroom. Ultimately, as I have stated in my previous entries I want to ‘Flip’ my classroom, but in doing so I need to work on a ‘plan of action’. I am very keen to continue to take on this endevour, though I do feel a tad ill-equipped. I don’t want to let my students, team and #TL21C #constructovate group down. There goes my fear of failure (Go figure).

So, let’s outline what I would like to do, see, design, create, construct and innovate… The questions I have are; What am I wanting to do? What is needed for me to ‘flip’ my classroom? Am I doing enough to cater for learning in the 21st Century? Am I focusing too much on planning with technology in mind and neglecting my other duties and teachings? Should I seek PD in areas of technology and inquiry to better equip myself with information and skills to support student learning and my teaching and learning? Do I share my ideas, plans and experiences enough?

So many questions. I feel the first step is identifying my end result by discover my driving question and equip myself with the skills and knowledge to achieve the end result. I guess I am myself undertaking the inquiry process. Who’d have guessed it? This process is what was discussed in the webinar this evening by particpants and coaches of #TL21C.

As I watched and listened proudly to my students today deliver their well-researched debates. The Age Old Debate is clear, we all need to be catering for the future and I need to have faith in my endeavour and take my class, students, teaching and learning into the 21st century. I owe it to the students who give soo much day in day out to achieve and make thier way in this ever advancing world. They have such potential and such a future ahead of them.  The debate is over. The move is now. The change is coming. The future is here. #TL21C.

Keep smiling. Tomorrow is a new day.




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