How to incorporate, collaborate and innovate?


Today, was an interesting day. There was a mixed feeling of success and conundrum. The reality of my goal to ultimately ‘Flip’ my classroom into the 21st century and incorporate and innovate how I utilise technology in my teaching and learning practices has come full circle and ‘SMASH’ goes my confidence. While, I know it will be re-stored quickly, I just know it (the ‘flip’) is going to be a big job on my and my students part as they are very much apart of the ‘flip’ process. Their needs ultimately guide my desire to utilise different apps, programs and technologies.

Today, we attempted to collaborate online using a googledoc, while watching the latest episode of Behind the News #BtN. Students were to develop ideas, thoughts, questions, statements, really whatever they can think of when viewing the different stories from Btn. It is one of their favourite parts of the week. However, a minor set-back was that the googledoc, was unable to be accessed using the students iPads. So, plan B was set in place (a bit of quick thinking, flying by the seat of your pants, winging it), and students observed the headings in the googledoc and wrote their ideas, thoughts, questions, statements in notes on their iPads to transfer into the googleDoc spead sheet we got working yesterday apposed to the googledoc word document we attempted to use today.

Students enjoyed, my plan C (desperation and forgetting I had signed the students up to Edmodo), which was to use Edmodo. I wrote the story titles in the forum on Edmodo and students developed their ideas, questions etc. while answering each others questions. I would like to utilise this process more frequently to develop students skills of inquiry. I really want to use the teaching from the ‘Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century’ inquiry presentation from Richard Lambert and the teachings of Jenny Luca who both insisted teaching and learning be student driven. Helping students to develop the skills to inquire and find out. To help students and allow students space to think and build on what is meaningful to them.

I feel I am on the right track, it’s just going to take time and small steps each time. Patience is a virtue and I need it to successfully ‘flip’ and innovate my teaching and learning in my classroom.

So my question remains, how do I ensure I incorporate, collaborate and innovate? I am sure I am doing two out of the three but just how and how well am I going to complete the 3rd successfully?

Stay tuned.

Keep smiling, tomorrow is another day.


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