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My name is Rebecca. I am a teacher at Manor Lakes P-12 College. After having recently undertaken Professional Development at NMIT called Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century that focused on using and utilising technology on a more ongoing, consistent and continuous basis in the classroom. I have had ideas, epiphanies, aspirations, inspiration and a dream to step into the future and innovate what I already am doing in the classroom to enhance engagement, learning and my teaching skills by ‘Flipping’ my classroom.

Today, in my first ever blog (go me), I will explore the ideas I have and set some goals for myself along with sharing with you good folk what we did in the classroom of 6Rebecca (Aka 6Cool) today.

I want to provide students with a great working knowledge of being a ‘Global Citizen’ something that has become more apparent in recent years. This is also something I have in a sense resisted to embrace fully until now. A great benefit about working at Manor Lakes P-12 College is the 1:1 iPad program. I am lucky enough to have a classroom that is undertaking such program. Students are able to use their iPad to enhance their learning.

Today, I took the first step. My students signed up to my Edmodo page, we discussed how we wish to use technology more in the classroom and how playing a game at the end of the lesson isn’t exactly helping with students knowledge of content (entirely), or how to use the technology at hand effectively as a learning tool. Richard Lambert noted on Friday at the ‘Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century’ PD, that ‘inquiry is not googling’, I agree whole heartedly. So, with this in mind, today in our classroom my students as I developed our needs and wants in terms of using technology as a tool for learning not just a hunt for google-able information.

Edmodo, will allow the students to have open forum discussions and submit their work that was much too large to send via email such as the fantastic iMovies and other clips they are creating. Students are very keen to make PODCASTS and clips to help others with their learning along with ultimately helping their own learning.

Today, we discussed and began to develop out understanding of ‘what makes a great visual presentation?’ we used YouTube to source some ideas. Audio, visuals, examples, interviews and many more techniques were discussed and agreed upon to make a good explanatory documentary much like a PODCAST. Students in different Math groups undertook the role of teacher and began to develop informational presentations on how to ‘Add Fractions’. When completed, I will upload the clips. All students are keen to have their input.

Again, using the teachings from the Friday PD, I created an online question matrix for different topics of sustainability including Great Barrier Reef, Habitats and Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rethink among others using a GoogleDoc spreadsheet on Googledrive.  On our class Google site, I shared the links to each document and students were able to add questions while watching their peers do the same. Some questions were added together as students who had similar questions collaborated with their ideas, while other students gained ideas from their peers to kick-start their thinking processes on a Monday Morning #Mondayitis. It was a successful learning process with some kinks needing to be ironed out. However, students enjoyed what they were doing and we were able to use technology is a way we hadn’t before.

My goal is to maintain the class content on the class Googlesite, use Edmodo for work submission, open forum discussion and collaboration also the inclusion of PODCASTS. We will continue to use and enhance how we collaborate using Googledoc’s. I would like to explore how to innovate this tool to enhance engagement and learning in different ways.

All in all, we as a class feel today was a success even if it was just the beginning of our step into the future. Feel free to follow our journey on my blog, or our class blog kidsconnect.

Bye for now. Keep smiling tomorrow is a new day.



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