Best laid plans…

Hello fellow bloggers,

So first, my guilty confession…as the saying goes ‘best laid plans…’ you know the rest. I have been one very lazy and very distracted blogger.

Award to Me!

Award to Me!

Yet, in saying that…I have been one very busy teacher.  Continue reading

2015-What will it look like?

What the year is to look like. The Plan!

This year, I have the fantastic opportunity to teach  Grade 1 students. I have a class of 21 and the new holistic 1:1 Device program the school will be implementing is setting new opportunities on top of existing.

The plan at a glance; Continue reading

Happy New Year!

Wishing the best of all wishes to all Teachers, Students, Parents, Educators out there.

apple apple

2015 began with much on our minds, the world seemed to have imploded slightly more that recent years over the last month. To fathom the impact world events have on students, even trying to gage their understanding of world events can be a tough conversation. Continue reading

How many is too many?

When did teaching become about money, business and quantitative rather than qualitative teaching processes?

class size

Becoming a teacher had nothing to do with school holidays (although a welcomed perk), it is definitely not about the money (I’m not sure you would find any teacher that would happily admit to that), it’s not about business (however, some institutions will beg to differ- making money is the only way of life for them) for me it was because I wanted to make a difference and teaching was just a natural choice for me. Everything I did from work experience, to reading, to volunteering, to making connections professionally stemmed from my want to be someone who helped, did ‘good’, someone who is positive and forward thinking. Teaching was a fit for this drive I had. Added bonus, I loved working with students regardless of age.

However, recent events are proving hard for me to chew (or so to speak), I am hoping I am not alone.Is it me or are schools becoming more like businesses worrying about maximising profits and forgetting the clientele? Continue reading

‘We began with the ON button!’


As I tackle the questions I set for myself to discover this year, I am perplexed by the questions of  students knowledge of technology.

2. How extensive will the students understanding be of the technology?

We all have heard at one point in time someone say the following: Continue reading



After a very interesting (inspiring) presentation by the Senior Years SIT  this afternoon at work, I now have to get my idea off the ground. I HAVE to use my green screen I have created months back.

The ideas are there rattling around upstairs in my rattly ol’ head, now is the time I need to use them or lose them.  Continue reading

Quizzical about Spelling.

Days of the good ol’ spelling quiz have all but eluded me. 

Key board

Are the days gone when spelling isn’t corrected by an automated tool embedded in the app/program you are typing your document on?

Spellcheck Fails:

Spell check

~Image from Google Images, 2/9/14.

Are we teaching the ‘Spellcheck’ generation?

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Aloof on letters…

How much emphasis is placed on handwriting in schools?

With AusVELs rolling out their new ideals and guidelines for teaching and learning for the new generations of learners I have searched high and low for progression points that ascertain to handwriting.

handwriting picture

I have found 3 mentions in Early Years; Foundation, Level 1 and Level 4. Does this answer the drop in student handwriting in schools? As I decipher  yet another piece of students writing trying to find the elusive ‘finger spaces’ among other things is there much demand or emphasis on accurately forming letters?


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An alternative perspective.

Further questioning preconceived limitations with lack of Digital devices…What if the perspective is the problem and not the number of devices issue? 


What if I’m questioning the wrong element?

Hello Bloggers,

I have been somewhat absent on TeachingLearningConnect in the past week, I have been busy planning thinking, eating, planning and thinking some more.  Since my last unpacking of the first of my many questions I aim to tackle this term, I have outlined some ideas, possibilities and plans I have for my classroom based upon the ‘limited devices’ and ‘How to?’ question I have posed and devised a few points to help answer this question.

The question at hand is: Continue reading